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Debut of Jimi Tenor & UMO at Herakles Records

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Expect a mind-bending big band record from electro-jazz artist Jimi Tenor with Finland’s UMO Jazz Orchestra! When we say mind-bending we mean not your typical swing although swinging, perhaps from the Tarzan vines. All concentration is on putting the record together and it’s only a matter of time..Tracks like Selvänäkijä will take you on the paranormal excursion as promised. Compositions as heard from the Savoy performance in Helsinki of Tenor & UMO are documented, recorded in the studios of the Jazz Orchestra. Tenor, after taking his turn as film maker (Nuntius, 2014 with Jori Hulkkonen & Mr Normall) and arranger on the upcoming Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators LP, composed and arranged all tracks on this album. Expect the album in late 2015.

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