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Haunted By Hallucinations’ drummer is sculptor extraordinaire!

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Who are the members of HBH you might ask? Well Petri Toikkanen or as he is called by most, Pete (pronounced Pet-e!) is a founding member of the Soul Investigators (Timmion Records), whom have collaborated with Myron & E (Stones Throw) from the Bay Area in the States & Willie West (of the Meters fame). The Soul Investigators are no doubt Soul Revivalist Pioneers! That being stated, Pete is not confined to one genre, and he is known to lead the Rock N Roll life style.

Included in the line up of HBH is the talented drummer Laura Könönen, who actually leads a double life. She is a sculptor who does fine work in stone. She will have an exhibition at Kaapo Gallery at Hyvinkää Art Museum in southern Finland, just 50 km from Helsinki. Check out her webpage for more information about her career and to view her exquisite works!

Laura Könönen Artist Profile

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