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Herakles Records Back Catalogue Available At Word And Sound Medien GmbH

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The back catalogue of the original Herakles Records is available at distributor Word And Sound Medien GmbH. Those albums are Enigmatic (HRKL001) by Cola & Jimmu, Haunted By Hallucinations (HRKL002) self titled album, I Give To You My Love And Devotion (HRKL003) by Cola & Jimmu, Mysterium Magnum (HRKL004) by Jimi Tenor & UMO, and Saxentric (HRKL005) by Jimi Tenor.

The subsequent Persephone Records releases Big Fantasy (For Me) / Tear It Down (HRKL006) by Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron and My Name Is Nicole Willis (PERSE002) by Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra are available for order at Kudos Records.

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