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Jimi Tenor & Jori Hulkkonen perform Nuntius at Cafe Kulturalna in Warsaw 8 May, 2015

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Jimi Tenor & Jori Hulkkonen continue their live music to their joint directorial debut Nuntius in Warsaw, Poland this weekend, 8th May, 2015 at the Cafe Kulturalna for the Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.

As Tenor and Hulkkonen continue on their venture, the soundtrack is ever changing and ever evolving. Be certain to see and hear it this time as it will not be the same the next. Nuntius is full of sci-fi futurist mystery. Mr Normall will be larger than life and more than normal on the big screen.

This screening will be free entry!

Visit the Docs Against Gravity Film Festival profile for Nuntius performed by Jimi Tenor & Jori Hulkkonen

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