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Jimi Tenor returns to Lodz, Poland for presentation of Nuntius, 27.11.2015

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Jimi Tenor makes a return to Lodz, Poland with Jori Hulkkonen to perform the live soundtrack of Nuntius, their directorial debut together.

Jimi has gone to Poland many times but the most infamously known trip was that to record the Warp release Out Of Nowhere, 2000, working specifically with the Orchestra of the Great Theatre Lodz.

The album Out Of Nowhere marks the turn of artist Jimi Tenor from electronic music maverick to arranger of big bands and ultimately orchestras, penning cinematic and disco classics comparable to the likes of Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Jimi Tenor & Jori Hulkkonen will perform on 27th of November, 2015 at Lokal, more in the line of electro – experimental, with the film Nuntius, starring Futurist actor Mr Normall. For the Lodz residents, it’s an excellent chance to welcome Jimi back.

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