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Jori Hulkkonen & Jimi Tenor perform live music with the presentation of film Nuntius in Istanbul at Salon IKSV

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Jori Hulkkonen and Jimi Tenor perform the live soundtrack to their independent sci-fi film Nuntius starring futurist, native Jyväsklän, Mr Normall at Salon IKSV in Istanbul. With comparisons to the art film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, the film was featured at the Night Visions Festival in Helsinki and will be presented in June at the Barcelona mega-music festival Sonar. The film is also directed by Hulkkonen & Tenor, with Tenor returning to film after some 20 years with his directorial debut of Sähkö, The Movie, 1995, recently presented to a sold out audience at Glasgow Film Festival. We’re quite certain that Tenor will be indulging in the best of Turkish cuisine while in the capital city and enjoy being on the cusp of two continents.

Nuntius at Salon IKSV

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