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Jori Hulkkonen & Jimi Tenor play Nuntius in Turku at Suomalaisen Elokuvan Festivaali 16 April, 2015

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Jori Hulkkonen & Jimi Tenor perform live music soundtrack to the film Nuntius, also written and directed by Hulkkonen & Tenor. Tenor returns to film after a nearly 20 year break since the release of his 16 mm venture, Sähkö The Movie in 1995. Nuntius will be making several presentations, amongst theme the event booked for Sonar Festival in Barcelona scheduled for Saturday, 20th June, 2015. However this must-see event will take place next week at the Suomalaisen Elokuvan Festivaali in Turku on the 16th April. With comparisons to Solaris by Tarkovsky and David Lynch’s Eraserhead, it will be great film noir and electronic music unscripted, not to be missed.

Nuntius at Suomalaisen Elokuvanfestivaali

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