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New jazz album set for release by Jimi Tenor at Herakles Records now scheduled for 2017

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Jimi Tenor, who is so well known for his techno and lounge/electronic jaunts, fine tunes his Afro-Jazz feelings with his new LP which is due for release later this year on Herakles Records. The working title is Saxentric.

Tenor, who had an active year with Tenors Of Kalma, (Joonas Riippa, Kalle Kalima, Jimi Tenor) can start the dance party for the jazz heads. Not so free form June Tyson expressionistic style but actually with tight rhythms and in the pocket uptempo tracks like Vortex.

His chops have never been better on the saxophone which gave him his stage name as he delivers sensitive and inflected solos,  as well as slamming performance of loads of the instrumentation (once again!) Mr. Tenor is like a fine wine that just evolves and deepens in intensity, body and bouquet. They’ll be more details about other personnel, tracklisting as well as a teaser of the artwork.

Herakles Records can’t wait to present it to you in custom vinyl and nature-centric Digipak encased CD.

More soon…


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